VMC vCenter MotD

VMware Cloud on AWS relieves the VI Admin of a lot of the heavy lifting needed to setup and maintain a VMware SDDC.

However once you are running more than a couple of VMC SDDCs the vCenter naming can be confusing.

Each vCenter is named in a pattern like this


Where is an public IP associated with your SDDC.

When logged in the vSphere Client I find it hard to map the vCenter name to the SDDC purpose.

Which SDDC?

Is this my Sandbox environment or Production? Don’t want to get the two mixed up!

The solution I hit upon was to set the vCenter Message of the Day to the SDDC name.

MotD Set the MotD

Now I can quickly tell what SDDC I’m logged into.


The only negative with this tip is that it’s not possible to set the Message of the Day via automation, so it’s a manual task whenever an SDDC is created.

Written on December 16, 2019